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Book Matches

Size 50 x 55 mm, 45 x 50 mm,25 x 55 mm, 38 x 97 mm, 74 x 97 mm

Containing Average 10, 20, 25, 30 paperboard stems
Cover Upto 4 colours imprint full wet offset with varnishing, lamination or UV varnish, as required
Design As per clients artwork.
Packing 2500 books per caddy
Special sizes can be produced on client's request..
Cigar Matches
Cigar matches are very high quality matches for the Connoisseur - people who relish cigar smoking be it Cuban, dominican or any other origin. These are matches with long sticks used to light cigars available with us in various Custom made Cigar brands like Habanos etc. with company publicity printed on each individual matchbox.
Brand label Custom made
Box dimensions As per buyers' request
Splints dimensions 2 x 2 (2-4 inches) length, Impregnated, Carborised and polished
Striking Surface Normally one sided - either

          Fully Painted                        Dotted
Average contents Approx 20 / 30 sticks
Box Finish High Quality Printing
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